Banana Diet Tips and Warning!

Here are some banana diet tips and a warning. First off, the banana diet CAN help you to lose a lot of weight. But some people don't do it right and when you do it wrong, it gets UGLY. So read this now to get things straight so you can enjoy losing weight on this really effective diet.

Banana Diet Tips and Warning

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1. Warning: The banana diet has nothing to do with eating bananas as your main meal.

You'd be crazy if you ate bananas as your meals. Uh, you need protein and fats as well for your diet. If you ate nothing but bananas, you'd so many nutrient, mineral, and vitamin deficiencies. Besides, this would be pure torture to eat only bananas.

I know you're more intelligent than that, but I just wanted to be sure for those who get a little too aggressive with their dieting tactics.

2. Tips - There are 2 ways to do this diet and a combination way

You can eat 2 bananas, 3 separate times a day as snacks between meals. You can eat 2 bananas with your meals... 1 before and 1 after each meal (I don't advise this way). OR... you can do a combo in which you eat 1 banana with each of 3 meals and 1 banana 3 different times as a snack.

If I was to choose, I'd either do the first or third way... probably the 3rd way. Why? First, you need to use bananas as snacks. By using them just at your meals, you'd be opening up some problems when it comes time to snack between meals. So it's vital to use them as snacks.

Also, it's important to have them with meals because the live enzymes bananas contain help you to digest your foods better. Good digestive health is critically important for long term weight loss progress.

This is just a brief article, but hopefully I gave you some ideas on how to use the banana diet effectively to lose weight.

Banana Diet Tips and Warning!

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How To Burn Fat Fast?

How to burn fat fast? You need to speed up your metabolism and exercise in addition to having the right food intake. Here are some tips:

  • Increase your intake of high fiber foods. It is a fact that the necessary amount of fiber is lacking in most of our daily meals. Fiber aids your fat burning process significantly and in addition, promotes an overall general health. Salads containing leafy greens are great sources of fiber.
  • Do not let yourself starve nor get too stuffed. Heard about "the golden mean"? The old greeks knew it. I'm talking about moderation. The timing of your meals should be so that you always eat before you start to starve. If you follow this simple rule, you'll keep the metabolism intact and burn fat as well as eating less. Take a look at the wild animals; are they fat? No! What can we learn from them? To stop eating when we are satisfied and not eat until we are so stuffed that we can barely move.
  • Do what it takes to build your muscle mass - that will burn your fat. We know that muscles are much more active metabolically than fat and other tissue. Therefore your job is to do some resistance training daily, thus adding more muscle, which in turn will boost your metabolism and burn fat. The more lean muscle mass you have, the more calories and fat your body will burn - even when you rest.
  • Stay away from poor quality carbohydrates before you go to bed. These carbs are those containing sugar or carbs that are highly processed like most cereals, breads, snack foods, candies, and even fruits and juices. Eating these foods just before bedtime will likely result in increased fat deposit and will actually prevent your body from maintaining a sufficiently high fat-burning mode. If you have to eat, eat vegatables.
  • Increase your cardio training to burn fat. A smart way to do this is to split your cardio training session into two small sessions rather than one long period. Research shows that people who do 30 minutes of morning cardio and then 30 minutes of evening cardio lose more fat than those doing just one 60 minute session.

\"loss Weight\"

Follow these tips on how to burn fat fast, and you'll see the results yourself: fat loss.

How To Burn Fat Fast?

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How To Calculate Weight Loss Percentage

Losing weight can sometimes be a very difficult task, requiring a large amount of energy and a lot of motivation. Knowing how to calculate weight loss percentage can really be a morale booster for your rough times because your actual results can only encourage you to perform more of the taken actions - like jogging, dieting or others.

It can also help you stay on track and not exaggerate with anything, as we do know that anything done in excess can harm your body. It can help you set goals and achieve them step by step.

\"weight Loss\"

But how do we calculate weight loss percentage? Is it a difficult math task? No way! It's a pretty basic formula. First of all you'll need to remember your initial weight.
Secondly, you'll need your actual weight at this point.
Now, the formula goes like this:

((IW-AW)/IW) * 100= weight loss percentage

In this formula IW is your initial weight and AW is your actual weight at this point.
It's not as complicated as it initially seems: practically all you do is subtract the actual weight from the initial weight and divide the number obtained by your initial weight. Multiply the result with 100 and you'll get the exact percent.

Now you can see that it's pretty basic - but opening a lot of possibilities. For example, you can measure your weight once a week and create an Excel table which instantly calculates the weight loss percentage for you. This can really help you keep track of your progress and can be a real motivation booster as I previously mentioned.

With this you can also create a weight loss percentage graphic - actually drawing your progress at certain points.

Well, if you fully understood how this works, you can conclude that now you know how to calculate weight loss percentage. If not, try to re-read the article more carefully.

How To Calculate Weight Loss Percentage

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How to Lose Weight in Your Legs

Here's how to lose weight in your legs... besides the obvious answer of dieting. It's totally possible for weight loss in your legs by using these methods of significant toning and firming. Read this now if you think you have THUNDER THIGHS.

How to Lose Weight in your Legs

\"weight Lose\"

1. HIIT stationary bike workout

I usually don't recommend the stationary bike, but if you do high intensity intervals on it, then it can be pretty effective for your legs. What you'll want to do is pedal as fast as you can for 15 seconds. Ok, not quite as fast as you can, but over 90% of your best effort. Then after those 15 seconds, pedal really slow for 30-45 seconds (depending on how you feel).

Keep repeating that over and over for a total of 10 minutes. Do this 3-4 times a week.

2. Run up your stairs at home 10-15 times in less than 5 minutes

If you don't have stairs at home and you truly want to get your legs looking right, then find some stairs somewhere. This is just running up 1 flight of stairs. It's ruthlessly quick. The results are also! Although this is simple, I wouldn't say it's easy. You need to put in the effort to get the results. Do this 3 times a week. Hey come on, that's only a "whopping" 15 minutes of your time.

Added bonus. If you want, run down the stairs too. You're working different muscles when running down the stairs.

These are 2 pretty good tips on how to lose weight in your legs that will help with or without a diet.

How to Lose Weight in Your Legs

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Trampoline Weight Loss

Can your backyard trampoline help you to lose weight? You bet it can!

Just 10 minutes per day on a trampoline will accelerate weight loss and burn as many calories as a 30 minute jog!

\"weight Loss\"

You do not need to do flips and outrageous moves either.

Simply learning 5 or 6 basic moves and putting them into a routine is all that is required.

Here is an example work out on the trampoline.

Start with 20 warm up bounces, followed by 10 bounces getting higher and higher with each bounce, then 10 low bounces and again, 10 bounces getting higher and higher.

Do a Tuck Jump, Straddle Jump and Pike Jump one after the other, take a few bounces to recover and repeat 4 times.

Do a seat drop, followed by a tuck jump, followed by a seat drop, followed by a straddle jump, followed by a seat drop followed by a pike jump. Repeat this 4 times.

Do a Seat drop to front drop to feet.

Do a seat drop half twist out.
Do swivel hips - repeat several times

Finish with a routine.

Pike Jump
Seat Drop
Tuck Jump
1/2 Twist Jump
Seat Drop
1/2 Twist to Feet
Straddle Jump
Front Drop to Feet


Pike Jump
Seat Drop
Swivel Hips
1/2 twist to feet
Tuck jump
Front Drop to Feet
Straddle Jump
Back Drop
1/2 Twist to Feet

The benefits of doing the above on your trampoline every day when combined with maintaining a healthy diet is not only weight loss, but overall toning. It is excellent for cellulite when combined with drinking lots of water. It also controls depression with amazing success. This is because it has been medically proven that it is impossible to feel depressed when jumping on a trampoline. Long term use will deter depression forever.

As an exercise apparatus, nothing beats the backyard trampoline, or a mini-rebounder (if you do not have a suitable garden for a larger trampoline).

Of course, all these moves need to be learned correctly for both safety and to ensure you get the best results from your trampoline exercise.

Trampoline Weight Loss

You can learn all these moves, download routines and follow a weight-loss diary at

Fay Roberts -

Fay Roberts is a trampoline coach of 18 years. In 2007 she 'googled' trampoline and was horrified at the information portraying the trampoline as a Dangerous apparatus. A further look on YouTube unveiled kids from across the world, performing trampoline tricks on their backyard trampolines, in 'jackass' style. As a professional coach, she realised that kids were performing dangerous trampoline tricks without supervision, despite warnings of the dangers.

Further research uncovered an array of health benefits associated with trampoline exercise including a NASA report on the fitness benefits.

Fay went on to create her own trampolining course for backyard trampolinists, including intermediate and some advanced moves, and continually researches trampoline exercise for inclusion on her site and Members Area. She has successfully taught trampolinists across the world via the internet.

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The 'No White Foods' Diet

There are many diet plans out there today, and the striking thing about a lot of them is how complex they are. Gone are the days of just counting calories. Today's diet plans come complete with a theory, a philosophy, a comprehensive diet plan, and exercise plan, and, more than likely, products that you can buy. In a way, that's a good thing - it means that the theories behind these diets have been well thought out, and that the diets themselves are likely to promote good health as well as weight loss. On the other hand, there are some pitfalls to having and trying to follow a complex diet plan - namely, it's complicated and can be hard to follow!

How many of us really have time to learn a complex new way of eating? If you have to lose fifty or a hundred pounds, and your weight is severely affecting your health and wellbeing, you might be able to justify the time and expense. If it's a matter of wanting to lose five, ten or twenty pounds, however, how likely are you to subscribe fully to a whole new way of eating? Not very likely, is the answer!

\"loss Weight\"

So here, then, is a quick, easy solution to your weight loss needs, if you are in need of a 'quick' fix that doesn't require too much thought. Just stop eating white foods. It's as simple as that. If it's white, don't eat it.

Of course, there is one notable exception you may want to make: Milk. Milk is white, and, especially if you're a woman, pregnant, or still growing, it may be detrimental to give up milk even for a short time. So let's modify that advice a little: no white foods that are solid. Or even, if you like, no white starches.

That's what it really comes down to. If you do away with all the white starches - white pasta, white rice, potatoes - and replace them with whole grain choices, over time, you are almost guaranteed to lose weight. This isn't like the Atkins plan, that asks you to give up most carbohydrates. You can still eat brown rice, for example, and whole wheat bread and pasta. The white starches are refined, and they have the highest glycemic index. That means that they might cause insulin deficiency over time - they can even lead you to develop diabetes in the long term. In the short term, these white starches cause you to pack on the pounds - especially around your belly, which is the worst possible place to carry excess weight in terms of heart health.

If you want to go a little further with this plan, and lose weight a little more quickly, try giving up another category of white foods - fats that are solid at room temperature. This means no butter or margarine (technically, butter is white, not yellow - dairy companies dye it yellow to make it more appealing!) and no cheese (most cheese is white - and giving up white cheese doesn't mean you should bulk up on cheddar!). Cutting out these high fat foods - particularly if they happen to be an 'issue' for you - will let you lose weight a lot faster.

Of course, there are some white foods that are actually good for weight loss. Consider lean white chicken breast, for example, or white fish such as cod or halibut, or even egg white (the leanest part of the egg)! There is nothing much to be gained by avoiding those foods, and over the long term, you probably shouldn't. The point of the 'no white foods' diet, though, is to give you a simple formula that you can apply anywhere. In a restaurant or at a special event - no problem - eat what you want, as long as it isn't white! There are no points to count up, no rules (except that one) to remember.

And here's the hidden benefit - if you're not eating any white foods, it leaves more room for 'colorful' foods that aren't white - vegetables, for example, particularly yellow, orange and dark green ones. These are much healthier for your heart and, indeed, your whole body than their white equivalent, potatoes and starch. Not all white foods deserve to be avoided, but the benefits of this simple and effective approach can be great nonetheless.

The 'No White Foods' Diet

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The Four Food Groups

With the release of the new food group pyramid, there are officially five food groups. Oils and butters are now included as a food group; but for the purpose of this paper, we are still going to consider ourselves to have only four. The four food groups are grains, fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy. Let's take a look at each food group and discuss a few of the more important points from each group.

Grains cover a broad range of food: breads, cereals, rice, and pasta. That's quite an array of food. Breads come in so many varieties; pita, rye, white, and wheat are the more popular varieties. Cereals are so numerous there's not enough room on fifty pages to discuss the varieties offered. Rice and pasta are a little more limited in their offerings, but are still quite varied. Almost every choice we make in this group will have vitamins and minerals added for our nutritional supplementation. That's a good thing, since most of us won't consume our recommended dietary allowance, or even get close without the fortification of our milk and grain food group.

\"loss Weight\"

The next food group to be discussed is the vegetable group. Okay, here is the opportunity to score real nutritional "brownie" points, since it's almost impossible to make a bad choice, or even overeat. The only members of this food group that we must be careful to not overdo are the starchy vegetables. These vegetables have a tendency to turn into sugar once consumed, and we usually don't need an excess of sugar.

Fruits are a healthful category, so long as we remember to watch our consumption of fruits that provide too much sugar. Most fruits contain naturally occurring sugars; although these occur naturally in the food, it doesn't mean we need to consume uncontrolled quantities. A healthy daily allowance of fruit includes about 4 servings.

The meat, poultry, fish, dry beans and eggs food group contains the protein your body needs in order to develop properly. Without protein, your brain and many other body organs do not properly develop. If not properly developed, they will not work properly. Protein is one of the most important pieces of our growth and development needs. The down side in this food group, would be the fact that animal meats have naturally occurring cholesterol, and although some cholesterol is good for us, too much is unhealthy.

The last food group we're going to discuss is the dairy food. Milk, yogurt, and cheese belong to this food group. Again, one of the most important vitamins we need can be found in this food group. Calcium is essential to the optimal functioning our cell processes, and the growth of our bones. Calcium has a tremendous effect on the health of our heart and other vital organs. Inadequate consumption of calcium can lead to long-term life altering consequences. Osteoporosis is the leader among crippling of post menopausal women, and it is simply due to a lack of needed calcium during the earlier years.

It is absolutely necessary for everyone, children and adults to understand the importance each of these four food groups plays in our healthy development, from childhood to old age.

The Four Food Groups

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Ideal Weight Chart - What Should Your Weight Be?

So, do you have any idea what your ideal weight should be for your age group? This is one question that most people would have problems answering for certain. Why? It's because most people don't have inkling as to what the proper weight should be for different age group or categories. So let's say that if your height is 5 ft tall, then according to an ideal weight chart, your weight should be 97 to 123 pounds. A lot of people fail within this category actually, so you should really need to understand the basics of an ideal weight chart so you will have an idea how much weight one should possess during a certain age group or category. Of course, there are different set of patterns or sets that you need to check before you can tell yourself that you have the ideal weight.

Let me tell you this; your bathroom weighing scale isn't always right whenever you try standing on top of it to check your weight. No matter what type of weighing scale it is or no matter the brand or model it may be, it is considered inaccurate by most weight enthusiasts. Place your scale on a firm floor and the base should be at level once there are high or low spots on it with a skew of your results. This should be done on a floor that has no carpet! This will give you a good idea how inaccurate your weighing scale really is. Once the scale is ready, press down on it with your hand and then simply let go, confirm the dial or the digital read out if it is not setting at zero, have it fine-tuned to make sure that the scale is indeed at zero. Remember this and you will have an ideal weight chart indeed.

\"loss Weight\"

Ideal Weight Chart - What Should Your Weight Be?

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Apple Diet - It Works For Weight Loss, But Beware of 1 Version Of This Diet

Ever hear of the apple diet? It's a popular weight loss diet that has numerous versions and spin-offs. A lot of these versions are healthy and work for weight loss, however 1 version you must absolutely avoid.

First, why the apple diet works...


A big reason on why the apple diet works has to do with the high water content and high amount of fiber in each apple. The high water content allows you to "eat water" basically. The foods you mostly "eat water" with are generally low in calories, but very filling. For example, a 300-calorie candy bar won't fill you up, but 300-calories worth of apples will.

Another reason why the apple diet works is because each apple has 5 grams of fiber in it. It has both soluble and insoluble fiber. Having a high fiber intake is a big part of successful long term weight loss programs.

The average American only gets about 12 grams of fiber each day. It's recommended that you get 25 grams of fiber each day. I, however, advocate getting 35-50 grams of fiber each day for easy long term weight loss.

There are 2 rules to the apple diet...

Rule #1: Eat 1 apple before each meal

This is the main rule. Very simple, huh?

Just eat 1 apple before each of 3 meals. Nothing more. I won't even tell you to stop eating your favorite foods. Obviously, if you eat a little bit more healthy, you'll increase the speed in which you lose weight... but I won't force you to eat healthier.

Rule #2: Don't forget rule #1

Seriously, there is just 1 rule to the apple diet. However I want to add that I've found that my clients who have tried the apple diet get better results simply by following rule #1 and eating healthy snacks.

That's all you need to change in your diet... eat an apple before each of 3 meals... and eat healthy snacks. You can continue to eat more unhealthy type of foods for your meals. Just don't eat unhealthy snacks!

So, if you want an easy weight loss plan that isn't complicated and doesn't require much thinking on your part, try the apple diet.

Apple Diet - It Works For Weight Loss, But Beware of 1 Version Of This Diet

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Acai Berry Weight Loss - Do Acai Berries Help You Lose Weight?

I'm sure you've heard about this amazing fruit called the Acai Berry with "mystical" weight loss qualities that help you lose weight fast, the natural way. This article will look closely look into it's weight loss qualities.

The Acai berry is really a small, roundish berry that looks like a grape. The fruit is made up of a pulp like substance with a seed in the middle. It is also said to be one of the healthiest fruits that provide natural energy to the human body.

\"weight Loss\"

The main claim made by those who consume these berries is natural weight loss. This is accomplish this feat unlike other products and supplements that boast natural appetite suppressant qualities. Instead, the Acai berry boosts your bodies consumption of calories so that you end up burning more calories during normal physical activities. The end result is natural weight loss. All you have to do is follow a sensible diet and exercise plan and eating this fruit or supplements of it will kick in and burn those calories faster than you would otherwise be able to do.

An added benefit of the berry is the fact that it's effectives does not decrease even when preserved. So even berry preservatives will continue to be high in antioxidants that give your body a huge boost to lose weight. The antioxidant benefits of the Acai berry rivals another berry that you know well - the blueberry. Acai has all the right vitamin and mineral properties to have a positive effect on your health and overall well-being in general.

Here's a list of how Acai Berry can help your body.

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Helps fight off cancer and arthritis
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Cleanses and detoxifies the body
  • Improves digestive function
  • Minimizes inflammation
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Has high levels of fiber
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Promotes healthier and younger-looking skin
  • Enhances visual acuity
  • ...and much much more

Acai berries have some very valuable weight loss and general wellness qualities that are quite remarkable indeed. But in order to get the full benefits of the berries or any Acai berry supplements, you must know how to mix it with your regular diet and excessive routine. Consuming Acai alone will not help that much and a proven system plus knowledge to help you manage your weight loss is crucial.

Acai Berry Weight Loss - Do Acai Berries Help You Lose Weight?

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How to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week

If you are looking for an answer to the common question of how to lose 5 pounds in a week, you've come to the right place, because I am going to present to you with a week long plan and how this can be done. Make sure you read the whole article through so you don't miss out on any crucial tip or trick.

Your week long plan is made up of 2 integral parts: The fitness part and the nutritional one.

\"weight Lose\"

Fitness part

Day 1: Do at least one hour of aerobic activity. You can an evening walk, go swimming, play some sports with your friends, go running, or anything else which gets your heart beat racing. Aerobics burn a lot of calories which is your main objective in your week long efforts.

Day 2: Do one hour of strength exercises. If you have a gym membership now is the time to use it. But even if the only place you workout is at home, you can still do an effective workout. Do some pushups, crunches, squats, or borrow some dumbbells from a friend.

Day 3: One hour of aerobics, the same as day 1.

Day 4: Take some time off from physical activity to allow your muscles to rest.

Day 5: The same as day 1.

Day 6: One hour of strength training. Make sure you work at least 2 muscle groops.

day 7: The same as day 1.

Nutritional part

1. Eat at least 3 different vegetables each day.

2. Eat 2 pieces of fruit each day.

3. Do not eat any fried food, fast food or candy.

4. Drink 8-10 glasses of water each day.

5. Eat 4-5 small meals each day instead of 3 big ones.

6. Reduce the amount of carbs that you eat.

7. Eat at least one portion of protein each day, like fish, meat, eggs or soy.

Follow these guidelines and you will be 5 pounds slimmer after one week.

How to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week

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John Davenport lost over 30 pounds in his twenties after being overweight most of his life. He writes extensively on diet and fitness issues.

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Is the Lemon Detox Diet Effective?

Yes! A lemon detox diet IS effective for both cleansing and weight loss.

Here's the idea:


Consuming anything sour makes the liver and gallbladder purge stored toxins. The liver is especially important for weight loss and overall health. When the liver is filled with toxins, it cannot do its critical tasks in metabolizing fat. So that is why it is essential to keep your liver in top working condition.

In a lemon detox diet, you use the juice of a fresh lemon in a cup of hot water in the morning. The morning is when our bodies are in a natural cleansing phase, so it is a good time to consume cleansing foods and juices.

Then, you also use either fresh lemon juice or a slice of a lemon in water that you drink throughout the day. In the lemon detox diet, water is a key component. You should drink at least 64 ounces a day.

Lemon juice provides an added benefit: it also supplies the body with a good dose of vitamin C.

But don't use lemon juice as your sole method of cleansing or weight loss.

Although a lemon detox diet is beneficial, it will not be as effective as a more thorough detox. You will lose more weight and gain more energy by going through a more thorough detox.

In a more thorough detox, you will consume vegetables, fruits, spices, and herbs that are known for their cleansing and fat-burning abilities. Fresh lemon juice is a part of a more thorough detox diet.

But most detox diets (such as Ann Louise Gittleman's Fat Flush Diet) incorporate a detox period of at least two weeks.

This is too long!


Well, a detox requires that you deprive yourself of most of the things that you love. The longer that a diet requires you to deprive yourself, the lower the chance that you'll STICK with it.

The optimum period for a detox diet is one week. Most people can stick to a restricted diet for that long.

Is the Lemon Detox Diet Effective?

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How To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks - It Can Be Done And Here's How

Okay here's how to lose weight in 2 weeks. It's going to be pretty tough to get to your ideal weight inside of 2 weeks, unless you are just wanting to shed a few pounds, so you will usually find it easier to view these first 2 weeks as the beginning of your journey toward a healthy body. If you want to find out how to lose weight in 2 weeks, check out the rest of this article.

Step 1

\"lose Weight\"

First of all, get used to the fact that there is no magic cure. You can lose weight in 2 weeks, but unless you are planning some liposuction, it's pretty unlikely that you will be able to lose 15 or 20 lbs in 2 weeks. There isn't a magic diet drink or diet that's going to help you get gains like that in a short space of time, but if you are prepared to work hard and not cut corners you could lose as much as 10lbs in a 2 week period.

Step 2

Find out your ideal calorie intake for your height, and stick to it religiously. When trying to lose weight in 2 weeks, even the smallest slip up can put you behind schedule, so eat healthy, and stick to the calories you are allocated.

Step 3

Start exercising. If you are looking to lose weight in 2 weeks, you are going to need to do a significant amount of exercise. Cardio vascular exercise is best, as it will really help you burn the calories, but don't be afraid to get into some light weight training too. This will let your body burn calories by working areas of muscle that usually wouldn't get to be active. Also bear in mind, to lose weight in a 2 week time frame you are going to need to be exercising 5 times plus each week!

Step 4

Learn to utilize your downtime. It's a cliché, but when you are up against a tight time constraint and you want to get into shape for it, every second really does count, so using every second of the day can pay real dividends. If you work in an office for example, there are hundreds of exercises you can do at your desks without your colleagues even noticing. Doing stuff like this all day everyday can really bolster your other efforts and have the pounds dropping off you-perfect for losing weight in 2 weeks.

By now you should have realized how to lose weight in 2 weeks - the key is sensible eating and regular vigorous exercise to burn off that excess fat. Check out the links below for some excellent advice on losing weight fast.

How To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks - It Can Be Done And Here's How

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Vitamin B12 and Weight Loss

Cobalamin or as it is better known, is one of the vital nutrients our bodies need in order to work properly. It is necessary to perform many of the body's more important tasks, including the making of DNA during cell division and the healthy formation of red blood cells.

B12 is known as the "energy vitamin" because it gives a real energy boost. It is used to remedy fatigue and it speeds up the metabolism. Red blood cells are also responsible for producing hemoglobin, the part of the blood that takes oxygen from the lungs and transports it to all the different parts of the body.

\"weight Loss\"

It has many functions and uses but does it help people lose weight?

What is the link between Vitamin B12 and weight loss?

Vitamin B12 Injections and Weight Loss

Some people might go to a clinic to get shots. These shots are administered directly into the muscle, allowing for better absorption. People who get these shots mainly suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome or a deficiency. They might also claim that taking these shots help them to lose weight.

However, injections by themselves do not directly induce weight loss, nor are they intended to. So why do people who get them lose weight?

There are many factors to take into consideration.

B12 causes the metabolism to speed up, which in turn increases weight loss. People who go to get injections tend to be more conscious of their health and are already on a vegetarian, or other weight loss diet.

Shots give a tremendous boost of energy. This generally helps people to maintain their diets, and motivates them to exercise and increase physical activity. Vitamin B12 also helps to fight stress and depression, symptoms which are sometimes associated with weight gain.

While the shots can be a great benefit to some, particularly those with a B12 deficiency, there can be some negative side effects when taken excessively or along with certain other substances. There is also a risk for those who have certain pre-existing conditions. It's important to consult a physician before undergoing injections.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Deficiencies can become a serious health threat. The body can normally stock up many years supply of vitamin B12, so it more often materializes when the body is unable to properly absorb vitamin B12 because of illness or old age. Incidentally, deficiencies can cause weight loss, among other symptoms. Extreme cases can even result in permanent nerve damage if left untreated.

A person diagnosed with a B12 deficiency will need to take supplements. These are most often taken as capsules or via intramuscular injections. Although vitamin B12 does not directly cause weight loss, it is still an essential nutrient that is needed by the body. It is important to get a sufficient amount of it and doing so will ensure better health, all around.

Vitamin B12 and Dieting

When undergoing any new weight loss program it is important to make sure that the diet is well balanced and contains all of the essential nutrients. This of course includes vitamin B12 and other essential nutrients.

Food sources rich in B12

Meat, Poultry, Milk and other dairy products, Eggs, and Fish

Since the only reliable source of vitamin B12 are from animals those practicing a vegetarian or vegan diet will have to get theirs from supplements. If a person doesn't get enough they may develop a deficiency.

Vitamin B12 and Weight Loss

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20 Ways to Lose Weight

1. Take it one step at a time

Start by paying attention to what you eat. Cut back on fat and sweets and add more fruit and vegetables. After you have that under control, add exercise. If you hate to exercise try it for only 15 minutes a day at first, then a 1/2-hour. Keep in mind that while you are exercising you are burning calories and not eating. Also, it will be easier if you chose an activity that you enjoy.

\"lose Weight\"

2. Find a friend

It is always good to have support when you are trying to lose weight. Find a friend who wants to lose weight and compare notes, weigh-in together and maybe even have a contest.

3. Use weights

Working out weights will build muscle and raise your metabolism so you will burn more calories. Also, muscle takes up less space than fat so you will be smaller ( but probably weigh more).

4. Eat fewer carbs

Don't eat as much bread and pasta and you will see a difference.

5. Set a goal

Set a deadline to lose the weight and write it down. For example, ' By Dec 14/04 I will weigh 150 lbs or less'. Put it somewhere you will see it daily.

6. Give up soda

If you drink a soda or 2 a day you are adding empty calories. If you find it hard to stop
completely, cut back at first and drink water instead.

7. Grill or boil

Avoid fried meat, grill and use lots of spices. You will get used to it and probably enjoy it more.

8. Don't buy junk food

When you go shopping, don't go on an empty stomach and you will be less likely to buy junk food. Keep your home 'junk food free' so you won't be tempted to indulge.

9. Eat breakfast

Consume most of your calories early in the day and always eat breakfast. Don't eat after 8pm and
not only will you avoid those added calories but you will sleep better.

10. Give yourself a treat

When you tell yourself that you can't have something you want it more. Give yourself a treat once a day ( ie. half a cookie) and you won't feel you are missing out.

11. Use smaller plates

Trick yourself into believing that you are eating more by using a smaller plate.

12. Drink lots of water

Drink water when you are feeling hungry and you will get that 'full' feeling.

13. Don't eat everything on your plate

Many times we eat just because it's there. Pay attention to when you have had enough.

14. Eat five or six meals a day

Eating more frequently will keep you from getting too hungry.

15. Plan your workout sessions

Write your workout sessions in your journal or planner.

16. Stay away from fad diets

Fad diets don't work. If you lose weight fast chances are that you will gain it back ( and more)
just as fast. It takes time to put it on and time to take it off.

17. Do several workouts a day

While you are watching TV do crunches and leg lifts.

18. Measure your food

If you decide to have junk food for a snack - be sure to measure and control what you eat.

19. Keep pre-cut vegetables

...and ward off those cravings.

20. Create Good Habits

It is a known fact that when we do something twenty-one times it becomes a habit. Create good eating habits.

20 Ways to Lose Weight

Sheila Dicks is a wardrobe and image consultant who teaches women how to look slimmer by dressing to suit their body type. Visit her at to download a copy of her e-book Image Makeovers and get How to Build a Wardrobe free.

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3 Week Weight Loss Detox Program

Detox, short for detoxification, is the removal of potentially toxic substances from the body. Although a detox program is primarily thought of as a treatment for alcohol or drug dependence, the term is also used to refer to diets, herbs, and other methods of removing environmental and dietary toxins from the body for general health and for weight loss.

This is a sample 3 week detox diet plan that is thought to support detoxification and weight loss by increasing elimination from the body, cleansing the colon, enhancing circulation to clear toxic substances, eliminating foods from the diet that require detoxification or are allergenic, and providing nutrients to support and protect the liver, the main organ involved in detoxification.

\"weight Loss\"

Benefits of a detox program includes weight loss.It is recommended to be followed for 3 weeks.

After 3 weeks,generally, people often feel improved energy,lose weight much quicker, clearer skin, regular bowel movements, improved digestion, and increased concentration and clarity. Improvement can also be assessed by measuring markers of disease and laboratory tests.

Here are the foods to eat when doing a 3 week weight loss detox program:

Fresh Fruits and Fresh Vegetables
All fresh fruits and vegetables are good for detox,for health and for any weight loss program.
Great detox foods include broccoli, cauliflower, broccoli sprouts, onions, garlic, artichokes, beets, red and green vegetables.

Brown or basmati rice, rice cakes, rice crackers and rice pasta.

Other Grains
Quinoa, amaranth, millet, and buckwheat can be used instead of rice. They can be purchased at a health food store.

Split yellow and green peas and lentils are easiest to digest and require the least soaking time. Other acceptable legumes include kidney beans, pinto beans, mung beans, garbanzo beans (chickpeas) and adzuki beans.

Nuts and Seeds
Unsalted nuts, seeds and nut butters can be sprinkled over any meal. Includes flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, cashews and walnuts. Avoid peanuts.

Extra-virgin olive oil it's the best for weight loss and detoxification.

Herbal Tea
Herbal non-caffeinated teas, green tea,helps the liver and sustaines detoxification.

Other detox Beverages,also good for weight loss
Water, lemon water, 100% natural fruit and vegetable juices, rice milk

Here are the foods that you must avoid,for health,weight loss and detox,especially when following a program(diet and/or exercise):

Refined sugar and mixtures containing refined sugar, including sucrose, dextrose, corn syrup, brown sugar, turbinado. Avoid artificial sweeteners.

Fatty Dairy Products
Milk, eggs, butter and other dairy products.

Wheat and products containing wheat.

All gluten-containing grains, including barley, rye, spelt and kamut. Some people are sensitive to gluten, a protein fragment in these grains.

Coffee, both regular and decaffeinated, black tea, and other drinks containing caffeine should be reduced. Green tea is a great substitute to regular coffee.

Other Foods to Avoid
Food additives and preservatives
High-Fat Foods

Daily must do's when following a weight loss and detoxification program:

Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day, warm or room temperature. Water is essential to clear waste from the blood. Thirst is often mistaken for hunger.

Do not drink liquids around mealtime.

Dilute fruit juice with 50% water.

Take the time to chew food well, especially grains.

3 Week Weight Loss Detox Program

Alberta McKain is nutritionist woman who used to be fat. After testing tens of so-called "wonder diets" she decided to create a Weight Loss Programs Review Website [], containing a top of the 3 best programs with a brief description about their features and benefits.

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Reshape Your Body in 12 Weeks

Yes! It's true you can make a whole body change in 12 weeks and make a noticeable difference. It will take some work on your part but you will be able to make your body more toned, and healthier in 3 short months.

The first way to get your body to change is to change your diet. Take out the fats and the sugary foods and substitute them for healthier choices. Did you realize that you never have to be hungry if you change your eating habits. Change out that candy bar for fruit and instead of eating one candy bar you can have several pieces of fruit. Watching calories is the first step in your total body makeover.

\"weight Lose\"

The next step is to get active. Less than 90 minutes a week you can lose weight by getting active. It doesn't matter what you do, although exercising that will increase your cardio will make you lose weight faster any exercise will help with your weight loss.  

The key to losing weight is to fuel your body with good food, then exercise to burn the calories. You have to have food to fuel your body to be able to keep your metabolism up and in turn will help you burn calories quicker.

Once you see your body changing in shape and size you will stay more motivated than ever before. There is no reason that you need to be uncomfortable in your body any longer. The weight can come off easily and you will feel better.

Reshape Your Body in 12 Weeks

Reshape your body in 12 weeks. Weight loss plans are out there that actually work to make you lose weight faster with less effort without the dangers of pills and starving yourself. Click Here to see how I lost the weight.

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5 Best Beers For Weight-Loss

A lot of us like to go to sports bars and cheer our favorite teams on, whether it's during playoff season or otherwise.

One of the biggest issues for beer drinkers trying to lose weight is that they feel that they cannot have any beer or they will retain their "beer gut".

\"loss Weight\"

The next time you are out at a bar, opt for one of these beers and try to drink a glass of water in between if you would like to drink more than one.

1)  Miller Lite  - 96 calories and 3.2 grams of carbs
2)  Michelob Ultra - 73 calories and 2 grams of carbs (my personal favorite)
3)  Amstel Lite - 93 calories and 5 grams of carbs
4)  MGD 64  - 64 calories and 2.4 grams of carbs
5)  Select 55 (in a few markets currently) - 55 calories

All of these beers have less than 100 calories, with MGD 64 weighing in at 64 calories, as the label suggests.   These calorie counts are for 12 oz.

I have not tried MGD 64, but have asked around about it.  The people I know who have tried it say it is very watery with hardly any taste at all.  I can't imagine that the Select 55 can be anything too great.  But, if you are trying to achieve weight loss, it may be the answer for a short time.

Since everyone's taste is different, go ahead and give them all a try and see which you prefer.

5 Best Beers For Weight-Loss

Look here to find a weight loss plan for you and learn some more tips and tricks to jump-start your weight loss journey.

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