5 Simple Tips to Looking Good

Most of us are conscious of how we look. This may be because we do not want to be a subject of anybody's scrutiny. Another is that we want to be confident in what we do. Others would say that they owe it to themselves.

Taking care of ourselves is a way of life. We want to enhance the beauty we already have and work on some liabilities. As mentioned above, we owe it to ourselves. We cannot expect others to treat us well if we do not take care of it, right.

\"balance Diet\"

Looking good does not have to be expensive. You can take care of yourself from head to toe without getting broke. We do not have to become celebrities to look and feel good: although that can be a great experience.

5 Simple Tips to Looking Good

Here are some helpful tips to look and feel good:

1.       Start with your hair. A good hair day is a great day, so make sure you have a good one on your head. You can style it occasionally. Investing on hair styling devices is good. When you want to style your hair, you will not need to go to a salon and pay someone to do your hair. Choose a flexible tool. The 1 inch curling iron is a good choice. You can make small and large swirls with it. With a little touch of creativity, your hairstyle will go a long way.

2.       Take care of your skin. This does not mean that you have to go to expensive skin treatment regularly. You can take care of it by wearing sun block every time you expose yourself under the heat of the sun. Wear lotion to avoid it from drying. Be informed about what you can do to take care of the type of skin you have.

3.       Eat healthy. When you have a balance diet, it shows. This makes you feel good inside and this feeling radiates to your appearance. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and avoid those that have plenty of preservatives.

4.       Choose your clothes well. This does not mean that you have to dress the way models do. Welcome the suggestions of others because most of the time, how you perceive yourself is different from how others see you. Do not be afraid to try new things as well; further, do not force yourself into wearing something that will not look good on you.

5.       Be nice. This is the most effective way to look good, if you are nice to other people, they will appreciate you no matter how you look. They will neither remember if you had your hair styled with the 1 inch curling iron nor mind if your shoes matched your dress. They will only remember how you were with them.

It is important for anyone to look good. Having a well styled hair and smooth skin will surely add up to your self-esteem. It is also important to have a healthy diet in looking good. If you are healthy, you will have a natural glow and will always feel good inside. Having a nice set of clothes on will also do the trick, but the simplest most important way to look good is to have a positive attitude towards other people.

5 Simple Tips to Looking Good

Kristy is a professional hair stylist and writer for My Hair Styling Tools, a leading supplier of Professional Hair Straighteners.

The Wheat Grass Juice Solution For Skin Problems

Many people who live with bothersome skin problems like eczema are becoming aware of the power of wheat grass juice for eliminating the toxins that potentially cause various skin problems. Drinking fresh or powdered juice can purify the body's cells, organs, and blood as well as restore the balance of acid and alkaline. From where the juice comes from, why it is so beneficial for the skin, and what effects it can have on eczema and other skin problems. This article will touch on some of the points of interest for someone who suffers from skin problems and some of the beginning steps to solving them.


\"balance Diet\"

Before we discuss some of the ways to benefit from drinking wheat grass juice for skin problems, some background information should be understood. Before it becomes a juice, it actually comes from wheat berries that are sprouted, grown and harvested in five to seven days. Before it can be consumed, the juice is extracted from the grass using a juicer. Since these sprouts are basically a form of wheat, they contain a lot of fiber and help with constipation and elimination.

The Wheat Grass Juice Solution For Skin Problems

Benefits To The Skin

There is a long list of reasons why the living wheat grass juice is so effective. In this context, one of the most beneficial aspects of the juice is the chlorophyll that comes from living green leafy plants and vegetables. Chlorophyll is one of the best known substances for cleansing and detoxifying the body, blood and organs. Adding more chlorophyll to the diet is the best possible thing a person can do to help clear up the skin. Nothing, not even all the minerals and vitamins in vegetables are as beneficial as the chlorophyll.

Some Steps To Take

The following are just some of the things that are being suggested based on the research into eczema and other skin problems. If you decide to try drinking wheat grass juice you will want to be taking in enough of it to notice the benefits. You will want to be taking at least one shot per day but no more then four each day. Make sure that you drink it first thing in the morning and before meals when you have an empty stomach. If your diet is high in dairy, meats, breads, pastas and alcohol, you may consider going on a raw foods diet for a week or two at a time. As a bonus you may want to do some research into the acid alkaline balance diet, vegetarian diet or the vegan diet.

If you just begin to consume wheat grass juice on a regular basis you will start to see the benefits very quickly. It has the effect of clearing the internal organs of the body and soon after the skin clears up naturally. Make it a habit to drink the juice regularly, learn about other steps you can take to manage what your body is taking in and you will find your skin problems are a thing of the past.

The Wheat Grass Juice Solution For Skin Problems

Peter Hill is an author and nutrition consultant. He runs an informational website with a healthy recipe guide, a 12 week meal plan, smoothie nutrition and wheat grass juicing guide. Make sure to take advantage of this and much more at http://wheatgrassjuicediet.blogspot.com

Siberian Husky Diet And Nutritional Food Facts - What You Need to Know

A Healthy Siberian husky diet is essentially different from human diets. Huskies have been domesticated for a very long time, but their departure from the wolf has altered their eating habits dramatically. They will eat both plant and animal origin foods. The food sources of a husky can resemble those of humans, but huskies need nutrients that are wolf like.

Protein is the most important organic compound for a husky. They eat very little compared to other dog breeds. Work and the active nature of Siberian huskies...make it critical that this breed consumes good quality dog food with ample natural nutrients.

\"balance Diet\"

A complete and balance diet is vital to your husky's good health. You must work hard to know how to keep your dog healthy, happy and active. Be very strict to make sure your husky eats what he should rather than what he wants.

Siberian Husky Diet And Nutritional Food Facts - What You Need to Know

He needs fresh water, protein, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Water is important as it makes up 60 percent of the husky's weight. Energy comes from the combination of fats, protein and carbohydrates. Minerals contribute to nerve conduction and other functions. Vitamins help your dog process biochemicals.

You should monitor your husk's weight and general activity. Five pounds too heavy can cause health problems.

Puppies under the age of 3 months can be fed at least 4 times a day. Adult dogs should be bed once or twice per day. Establish a good feeding schedule and keep at it.

The amount you need to feed your dog depends upon many factors. Your husky's lifestyle, age, size and general condition help determine your feeding guidelines. Find a good high quality dog food...weigh your pet and read the feeding suggestions provided on the package. You might have to adjust the feeding requirements to fit your husky's lifestyle. Keep in mind that Siberian Huskies do not eat as much as other dog breeds.

Siberian Husky Diet And Nutritional Food Facts - What You Need to Know

"See Things from a Husky's Perspective"

Download FREE copy of 142 page "Husky Master Guide" at: http://www.huskydogstore.com/

Tom Ellerbe and daughter Marci Winchester have raised and trained Siberian Huskies for many years. Website is loaded with a ton of information about this very special breed of dogs.

Alkaline Breakfast Ideas

The alkaline diet advocates eating alkaline and acid foods in a ratio of 4:1. According to advocates of the diet, this promotes the best pH balance within the body.

Having followed this dietary protocol for two months I certainly agree that it benefits overall health and well being. The alkaline diet is very close to what most people would simply regard as a healthy diet. The acid/alkaline terminology is one possible explanation as to why increasing alkaline foods in our diet is a good thing.

\"balance Diet\"

There is contradictory information regarding what is and isn't an acid food. It may not be 100% accurate to believe that all fruit and vegetables are alkaline foods while almost everything else is an acid food. However it is a straight forward guideline to follow. The alkaline diet is not specifically a vegetarian or vegan diet. It simply advocates increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables in our diet.

Alkaline Breakfast Ideas

Eating an alkaline breakfast is an excellent way to start the day getting plenty of nutrition as well as giving your body an alkaline boost. If we take our definition of alkaline foods to be fruit and vegetables, an alkaline breakfast is a breakfast loaded with fruit and veg.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 report recommends 9 servings of fruit and vegetables per day. An alkaline breakfast puts you well on your way to reaching this target. 9 servings may seem like quite a high number. When I started my alkaline diet, my aim was 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. The best way in my opinion to greatly increase your consumption is to make your own fruit and vegetable juices. Two juices a day with a minimum of 3 pieces of fruit and vegetables gives you a minimum of 6 servings. Then it's easy to reach double figures with a couple of bits of fruit and some vegetables at meal times.

Here are a few examples of alkaline breakfasts:

  • Carrot (3) and ginger juice followed by a banana or two.
  • Grapefruit (1 or 2) and a large glass of water.
  • Apple (1 or 2), spinach (20+ stalks) and ginger juice with scrambled egg whites.

Even without a fruit and vegetable juicer it is easy to eat an alkaline breakfast. One option is to grate a couple of carrots and add a squeeze of lemon juice.

As a transition to an alkaline diet, starting with just one meal is an easy way to go. I started with breakfast and as I began to feel the benefits, particularly in my energy levels, I gradually increased the amount of fruit and vegetables in my other meals.

If you are keen to eat more healthily and improve your physical well being, from personal experience, I recommend starting the day with an alkaline breakfast.

Alkaline Breakfast Ideas

Andrew Cowan
alkaline acid diet

Low Carb Diets Vs Low Fat Diets - An In-Depth Comparison of the Pros and Cons

Thanks to increasing instances of people in developed western nations falling prey to obesity, diets like low fat diets and low carb diets have become very popular. But before selecting any particular type of diet you need to do a comparative study of low carb diets vs. low fat diets and acquaint yourself with the pros and cons of each.

Low fat diet

\"balance Diet\"

This type of diet tries to eliminate all sorts of fatty food and food items rich in fat that may lead to obesity like elimination of butter, cream, dairy products, peanut butter, nuts, junk food, oily fatty calorie laden food etc.

Low Carb Diets Vs Low Fat Diets - An In-Depth Comparison of the Pros and Cons


It definitely promotes weight loss.
It does not increase insulin content.
The intake of calorie is lowered.
Cholesterol levels are brought down.
Bad fats are eliminated.

It minimizes the risk of obesity related diseases like heart diseases, cardiac arrest, strokes, blockage of vessels etc.

Makes the skin smooth, oil free and flawless and prevents acne and pimples.
It also diminishes the mortality rate due to sudden heart diseases.

Leads to easy digestion.


Restricting intake of calorie to 10% fat content can be very difficult.
It dries out the skin completely, makes it chapped, rough and wrinkled quickly and the skin also loses all natural glow.

Experts' verdict

In a low carb diets vs. low fat diets match, the latter tends to create less impact than the former.

Low carb diet

It involves reducing or cutting out the intake of food items rich in carbohydrates and starch and is recommended for people who are obese or have contracted hyper insulinemia.


The blood pressure is lowered.

The lipid profile of the blood is improved leading to low cholesterol levels.
It lowers the insulin.

The blood sugar levels are also stabilized thus making it an ideal diet for diabetics.

It triggers weight loss in a sustained manner.


Most varieties of fruits are cut out from this diet thus increasing chances of nutrition deficiency.

Regular mineral and vitamin supplements have to be taken to replenish the lack of nutrition.

Fiber supplements have to be taken as well to compensate for the loss of dietary fiber.

There are various long term and short term side effects like bad breath, constipation, hair loss, cramps, fatigue, lethargy, lack of physical and mental energy, reduced thinking, reasoning, analytical abilities, slow working of the brain, dizziness etc.

Thus both have their pros and cons but in a low carb diets vs. low fat diets comparison, the former has always triggered more weight loss than the latter.

Low Carb Diets Vs Low Fat Diets - An In-Depth Comparison of the Pros and Cons

Carbs are an essential part of a diet, so don't try to cut them out of your diet. If you eat a healthy, balance diet, and exercise regularly, you will have no problem losing and maintaining a healthy weight. For more information visit weightlossnofat.com [http://weightlossnofat.com/low-carb-diets.php]

You will learn more about low-carb diets [http://weightlossnofat.com/low-carb-diets.php] and why they may be very unsafe to your health! You can also read more about our recommended diet program that includes healthy, balanced eating along with regular exercise.