Lemon Detox Diet Recipe - Make it Today

The lemon detox diet recipe is by far the most requested of any of the detox type recipes available online. This is due to the high media coverage the detox diet drink has received on American and British television. I must say though that it does worry me that many who take up this diet do so without consulting their doctor or without any preparation. Before I give you the recipe I'm going to take a little of your time to make sure that your detox experience is as rewarding and safe as possible.

Firstly as I have already said before starting any detox diet plan consult your doctor. We are all unique and just because a detox diet works safely for one person does not mean it is ideal for everybody.


Secondly don’t simply switch from you normal high junk food, high processed food, high caffeine intake and alcohol diet straight to a harsh detox diet. If you do the chances are high that you will fail. Make sure at least a few days before you start a detox plan that to start cutting down on the foodstuffs you know you are going to grave.

Many who do detox do feel ill for at least a couple of days. Symptoms can include feeling lightheaded, nausea and feeling week. These symptoms are common and usually last a few days. If you continue to feel ill consult your doctor. If you can't cope with the symptoms then stop the detox plan.

Lemon Detox Diet Recipe

Take a drinking glass and add 4oz of cold water

Add lemon juice from half of a freshly squeezed Lemon.

Add 2 tablespoons of Pure Maple Syrup.

Add a dash of Cayenne Pepper or ground ginger.

Using a spoon stir well. Add 4 oz of cold water then stir again.

You should also have a large glass of water each day with 1 teaspoon of salt as this helps stimulate bowl movements.

If you can't stomach the salt water drink this can be substituted with one teaspoon of senna tea replacing the salt.

Take either the salt or senna tea solution in the evening.

It is recommended you have a multi-vitamin or mega multi-vitamin each day.

You should drink at least 6 to 10 glasses of the lemon drink each day and have nothing else apart from the salt or tea drink. The detox process is meant to be followed for between 3 to 7 days.

Lemon Detox Diet Recipe - Make it Today

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American Heart Association 3 Day Diet

The American Heart Association 3 day diet is designed for people who need to lose weight fast. The diet program claims to reduce your weight by up 10 pounds within 3 days. But not only fat loss belongs to its benefits, it is also supposed to have a cleansing effect. 

However, the name "American Heart Association 3 Day Diet" is rather misleading, as said organisation has nothing to do with it, nor is this program designed for people who have heath trouble concerning their heart. This 3 day diet has been around for some time and comes in various names. 

\"weight Lose\"

Essentially, it is a very low calorie diet limiting the daily calorie intake to around 1,000 to 1,200 calories, which might be the main reason for the weight loss. As with these restricted calories only 3 meals are permitted, the metabolism is supposed to get a boost from the foods or food combinations that are consumed.

All in all, despite of the healthy name, the American Heart Association 3 Day Diet, is just on of many quick weight loss schemes, which does not teach the dieter any healthy eating habits. Because it is only meant for 3 days it is fairly easy to get through this diet, but also the weight loss achieved is less likely to be permanent and a reduction of 10 pounds within 3 days seems rather drastic and not necessarily healthy. 

In general, you do not need a special crash diet program like the American Heart Association 3 Day Diet, simply reduce your calorie intake considerably for 3 days focusing on a good protein source and many vegetables. Combine this with some exercise and consider the first pounds lost! 

Keep in mind that if you reduce your calorie intake drastically, you can only do this for a few days as otherwise you will send your body into starvation mode making it hard to continue losing weight. 

Nevertheless, the American Heart Association 3 Day Diet may be a good jump start for a longer term diet and the initial weight loss due to this crash diet will give you the motivation to continue with eating less or at least moderate portion sizes.  

Sometimes all you need to do for continuously losing weight are some small changes in your eating habits. A calorie reduction of 250 to 500 calories per day is a good pace to go. As most people do not have an idea how many calories they can eat at their maintenance level minus those 250 to 500 calories, it would be a good idea to start having that calculated using an online BMR calculator (see below) and then choosing a diet plan according to your result. You might be surprised how many calories you can eat and still lose weight!

American Heart Association 3 Day Diet

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Resources: Online BMR calculator

Author: Claudia Ohst from http://dietonautopilot.com;
Article: American Heart Association 3 Day Diet

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Why Is Belly Fat Dangerous To Your Health?

Your belly fat is not only unsightly, it may also kill you. Numerous studies have concluded that although it is unhealthy to have excess fat anywhere on your body, it is extra dangerous if you have excessive belly fat.

You see, there are basically 2 types of fat in your belly. They are the subcutaneous fat and the visceral fat. Your belly subcutaneous fat resides just between your skin and your abdominal muscle and this is the fat that covers up your abs muscle or commonly known as your 6 pack abs. The visceral fat resides far deeper in your belly beneath your abs muscle and around the internal organs.

\"loss Weight\"

Both the subcutaneous and the visceral fat in your belly are real health hazards as both these fats can increase the risks of cardiac diseases, hypertensions, strokes, sleep apneas, diabetes, various types of cancers as well as other diseases.. However, excessive visceral fat is much more dangerous than the subcutaneous fat because it releases more inflammatory molecules into your bloodstream to enhance the occurrences of the said diseases. On top of that, as this fat is around your internal organs, they tend to clog up your heart thus causing fatal heart attacks or blocks blood flow to the brain inducing paralysing and even life threatening strokes.

So if you cherish your life or love your family, then it is time for you to lose weight and get rid of your belly fat. Now before you do that, you must face the stark truth. There are no pills or supplements that can make you lose your tummy fat quickly. Also none of those abs contraptions that you see in late night infomercials work either simply because there is no such thing as spot reduction at the moment. So the only effective solution to lose your belly fat is the plain old fashion way of combining a sound strategic and nutritious diet along with a good exercise program.

You should also be aware that not all diets and exercises are the same. Therefore you must choose those that are more effective in raising your metabolism over a longer period and those that are able to make hormonal changes for weight loss.

Although there many such good weight loss programs in the internet, there are just as many bad ones around as well. As such, you may be at a loss as to which one is real and which is not and so the best way is to hire a weight loss personal trainer who have proven track records in helping people to lose their belly fat to help your to get rid of yours before you become your own victim.

Why Is Belly Fat Dangerous To Your Health?

Chris Chew, a weight loss personal trainer and at consultant Personal trainer in Singapore and Singapore personal trainers

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Top Three Guides To Look Perfect On Your Wedding Day

If your boyfriend has already proposed to you, then you are probably hearing wedding bells that are ringing. The problem is, are you ready for it? Indeed, you maybe emotionally and financially ready, but are you physically ready? What am I talking about?

Admit it! Every single bride in this world wants to look stunningly beautiful on that special moment of her life. Some women even says that they gonna walk down the aisle once only, so, they want to look perfect on that day. And, I bet so do you!


Make-ups, gowns and accessories are just some of the things that you will need in order to attain the look you want to have on your special day. However, like every other woman, you also want to be slim in order fit on that gown that you have been dreaming of for a long time already. So what are going to do?

First of all, don't panic! There are so many things that you can do especially if you still have a year or even six months to prepare. The below top three guide will be of much help for you to prepare of that day!

  1. Eat right - You will have to alter your eating habits for that special day by eating the right kinds of foods. Avoid fatty foods as well as those foods that are high in calories. Those foods are typically with high sugar content. For that reason, you may need to cut down your chocolate intakes. Those will do you no good. So, try eating healthier alternatives such as yogurt or fruits. Remember, you need to eat the right foods and not to starve yourself since when you're hungry, your metabolism will slow down that may lead to gain weight instead.
  2. Exercise - You really need to squeeze your hectic schedule and include exercises in your daily routine. At least in a day, try to perform any exercise for at least 30-minutes. That is really a good way to burn the calories that you are putting in your body. Moreover, exercise is a good way to lose some pounds. So, start by jogging or even running. You can also engage into sports such as badminton. But remember, to attain a good shape, cardio exercises are not enough. You will need some strength and resistance training to develop firm muscles and to put shape in your body.
  3. Avoid pressure - You should never ever let pressure to hit on your mind. Certainly, you will be pressured by your friends, your family, your relatives, your wedding coordinator or even your soon to be hubby. However, don't let them to piss you off as they may just add wrinkles on your face. Instead, take the matter calmly. Bear in mind that people can make more effective decisions when they are calm. So, just be cool about the event. Moreover, a good thing in order to avoid pressure is to have a planner for your wedding day. Schedule everything even your workout plans as well as your meal plans. Regularly check that planner. Stick to it and you will be on your way to have a wonderful wedding that you are dreaming of.

Top Three Guides To Look Perfect On Your Wedding Day

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Weight Loss Meal Plan - A Healthy Diet For Weight Loss

A healthy balanced diet is very important to every individual, and it involves the six important classes of food which are protein, carbohydrates, fats, fibers, vitamins and minerals, and water. A weight loss meal plan must comprise of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Understand that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it must not be toyed with.

We will explain the importance of these kinds of foods as we proceed, and they are as follows;

\"loss Weight\"

Proteins: This is the most important part of an eating plan. As adults, you are expected to consume about 70 grams daily because when calculated, a gram is equal to each pound of fat in the body. They aid in the growth and the development of the bones and worn-out tissues in the body. If a child is suffering from protein deficiency, he or she is vulnerable and open to all forms of diseases and infections. That is why it is very much advisable to eat plenty of protein for a healthy life. There are different sources of protein and they are milk, eggs, cheese, grains, butter, animal products, etc. Also, note that fish are very good sources of protein.

Carbohydrates: These are also important for the production of energy, and they are in two forms; which are simple and complex. The complex carbs are very important, because they do not produce excess fat to the body. Examples of such are whole wheat, beans, brown sugar, brown rice, and brown bread; while the simple ones are white rice, white sugar, flour, and white bread. A small amount of carb can keep you energized for a whole day, isn't that great?

Fats: This form of food falls into two groups and they are the healthy and unhealthy fats. The healthy fats are gotten from sea foods, nuts, dried fruits, raisins, and apricots for the fulfillment of their purpose in the body.

Fibers: These also come in two forms, which are soluble and insoluble fibers. The healthy source of fibers is gotten from roughages like oranges, pineapples, pears, cabbages, and other citrus fruits and vegetables. Drinking their juices are also very important and rich for the body.

Vitamins and minerals: These are very important and they can also be found in dairy products and fresh fruits and vegetables. They help in the strengthening of the bones and the enriching of the body with the essential nutrients. There are different forms of vitamins, and they are A, C, B complex, D and E.

They help in the limitation of sodium consumption and also in the enriching of the body with the required biotins and other unmentioned vitamins. They can be gotten from different fruits and vegetables.

The most important factor for weight loss meal plan is water which aids in the digestion and in the removal of waste products from the body.

To wrap it up, this weight loss meal plan is very important, and when you practice it, you will yield better results.

Weight Loss Meal Plan - A Healthy Diet For Weight Loss

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