3 Day Cardiac Diet Review

The 3 Day Cardiac Diet supposedly comes from the Birmingham Hospital in Alabama, hence it is also known as the Birmingham Hospital Diet. According to reports, this diet plan was designed for the use of patients who needed to lose up to 10 lbs weight quickly so they could undergo surgery.

The true origins of this diet are not clear and the Birmingham Hospital does not claim responsibility for it. Moreover, the diet now appears to have become the stuff of internet legend as there are versions of it widely known under a variety of names, including the Tuna Fish Diet, Baptist Hospital 3 day Diet, 3 day Navy Diet, 3 day Army Diet, Birmingham Cardiac Diet, Florida 3 Day Diet, American Heart Association Diet, Alabama 3 Day Diet, Hospital 3 Day Diet, and more.


However, there is a strong correspondence between the menu plans of these different versions so, for all intents and purposes, they can be treated as the same diet and comments applicable to one are substantially applicable to them all.

3 Day Cardiac Diet Review

In summary, the 3 Day Cardiac Diet comprises menu plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner covering a period of three days. The daily calorie intake is about 1,000 calories, so much of the weight loss benefit is likely obtained by the restricted calorie intake, although some claim is made that the benefit is due to chemical reaction. Eating a low level of carbohydrates will also mean that water is lost from the body.

For the plan to produce results, it's important to keep hydration levels up by drinking plenty of water: 6-8 cups is recommended. This also aids digestion.

An important source of protein for the 3 day Cardiac diet is tuna. 1/2 cup of tuna is consumed on the first two days, increasing to 1 cup on the third day. Variety and nutrition is provided with small portions of vegetables, grapefruit, banana, cheese, eggs, crackers and toast. Coffee or tea is permitted with meals. (For a detailed menu, do a quick search for my article, "3 Day Tuna Fish Diet- Menu and Diet Plan".)

Some concerns about this diet stem from the restricted levels of calories and nutrition. As the calories provided in this diet are so low, it's is likely that followers will feel hunger pangs and lower energy levels, especially by the third day. Vitamins and minerals are also low so that probably a multi vitamin supplement should be recommended as an additional source.

With only three small meals a day, your body may start to recognize that only a limited food supply is available and begin to compensate by reducing metabolism and energy levels to conserve fat reserves. This actually makes it harder to lose weight and, along with the feelings of hunger, places the body under additional stress.

The 3 Day Cardiac diet does not claim to be suitable for long term use and after 3 days you should follow a program that offers more variety in the content to provide the proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other nutrients that your body needs. More variety would also make it easier to follow this plan, as well as more enjoyable.

It is possible to follow a quick weight reduction plan that offers a more balanced and healthier range of foods. In particular, one which includes a technique known as calorie shifting and takes into account your own food preferences would be a good choice.

Following the 3 Day Cardiac Diet provides restricted calories and nutrients for its intended duration and the weight loss benefits come with some risk to health as well as bodily stress. Also, the diet is not a long term solution and any weight loss reduction could well be offset by food binging that results when your eating program returns to normal. A better approach would be to follow a dieting plan that is more likely to bring true fat loss and provide a continuing, long term loss of weight, along with a slimmer, trimmer, more attractive body shape.

3 Day Cardiac Diet Review

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